Nigeria is collapsing under President Buhari — Peter Obi

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Peter Obi, a presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party, has asked for immediate intervention, claiming that the country is collapsing under President Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership.

At a brief meeting conducted at the Command Guest House, Obi spoke about wooing delegates to the PDP’s national convention from Bauchi State.

He promised that if given the chance to be Nigeria’s next president, he would change the country’s course and put it on the road to progress.“The country is going through a very difficult time now, and it is collapsing and we must, for the future of our children, change the trajectory of the country by ensuring that we move this country from consumption to production, from sharing to creating.

“We must build a better place, we must change our country because we cannot continue with this level of underdevelopment, this level of insecurity, with this level of problems all over the place. So, we must do the needful to ensure that in 2023, our party must have a candidate that has the capacity, competence, commitment to build a better Nigeria,” he said.

The two-term former Anambra state governor lamented the rising debt profile of the country since the Buhari regime came on board.

According to him, all countries of the world borrow but others use the borrowed funds to develop and improve their countries and people, Nigeria borrows to share and all that we require to take our country out of poverty is to invest a lot, invest in our GDP.

He informed the delegates that he had the capacity to tackle the security challenges bedeviling the country just as he admonished them to think about the future of their children while voting during the convention.

“Our country today is insecure and people ask me, ‘how are you going to tackle this issue of insecurity?’ You can fight insecurity in two ways: firstly, you can fight insecurity the natural way and that is making the youths have a means of livelihood. If you don’t know where the next meal will come from, there are tendencies that you go into criminality. So, you must pull people out of poverty because the more you pull people out of poverty, the more you reduce criminality.

“The second way to tackle insecurity is solving it through men – ensure that you fund security agencies and have capable men, train, empower and provide them with all the necessary equipment they need and this can be done.

“When you go to vote at the convention, please, look at the future of your children and ask yourself, ‘which kind of society do I want these children to live in?’ Even if they give you money or buy you lunch, collect it but when you go to vote, look at the future of your children. We need to do things properly,” he stated.

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