Winners Chapel Employs 10,200 Pastors Across Nigeria

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The General Overseer of the Living Faith Church, popularly known as the Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo says the Church has employed over 10,000 pastors across the country.

In his message, the bishop says:

With our eyes opened, we have seen Jesus planted over 10,000 Churches in this Commission this year in spite of the global lock down and the crisis here and there.

By yesterday, we had crossed 10,200 plus and still counting because some people’s reports are yet to arrive at the Mission Head office.

It’s very clear therefore that the Prophetic Package for the year is from the Lord. That is the number one of it (2020’s Prophetic Package).

We shall also see the attendance of every assembly double on or before November 29th 2020.

How do I know?

Psalm 89:34, Isaiah 34:16

When you see one part of a prophetic Word fulfilled, it means the other one is settled.

The first most difficult prophetic Word of the year was the planting of 10,000 Churches.

We ought to have said, “well Lord, we never knew that there will be global lock down. But now that You also know there is no way we can go forward with this.”

Because we believe Him, we kept at it. As the States began to open one by one, we began to invade them one by one. You get enlisted in Kano State and the place is not opened, we move you down to Akwa-Ibom, Cross River: we were just on the harvest field, every soul is important to God, God does not know the geography of human beings.

We kept on because we believed Him. In the same way, we have to keep on, to prove that we believe Him to see the attendance of this Church become minimum double on or before November 29th 2020.



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