Men Without Jobs Have No Business Getting Married – Jimmy Odukoya

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Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, the senior pastor of the Fountain of Life church has warned men not to think of marriage if they are not gainfully employed.


He gave the admonition during a recent sermon titled ‘What Is Love?’.

Odukoya stated that work is fundamental to a man’s purpose.

He added that a man should not entertain thoughts of marriage if he is unemployed.

“As a man, you must be doing something. You must be working. God created man and he put him to work,” the clergyman said.

“So how can you say that you are a man and you are not working? A man finds purpose in his work.

“That is why God put him in the garden to tend and to keep.

“A man was designed to work. As a man you cannot be thinking of marriage if you don’t have work, just stop.

“Before God brought a woman, he put a man to work.”

Odukoya encouraged women to consider marrying a person who is working towards clearly defined aspirations.

“Do not marry potential, marry kinetic. Kinetic is energy in motion.,” the pastor added.

“Marry a man that you can tell by what he is doing that he is going somewhere.”

In September 2023, Jimmy Odukoya assumed the role of senior pastor at Fountain of Life Church.

He succeeded Taiwo Odukoya, his father, who died in August 2023.

In addition to his pastoral duties, Odukoya is also a Nollywood actor.

In an interview with the BBC, he declared his intention to continue acting even as a lead pastor.

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