How Olukoya Caused The Death Of My Father…… Soyinka Modele Cried Out

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Maureen Badejo, the CEO of GIO TV, a blogger, and an activist based in the UK tells the story of Modele Soyinka who alleged that Daniel Olukoya, General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, MFM caused the death of her father and took over their property.

Maureen admonished her followers that the information they read and watch on her social media platforms is authentic and should be taken as such.

The lady she interviewed is the daughter of Late Rev. Josiah Olubode Soyinka Of Apostolic Faith Church. Modele Soyinka the first daughter of late Rev. Josiah Soyinka said she and her siblings were born into the Apostolic church until something happened that threw her family apart.

“Somebody introduced my mum to Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, MFM, 23 years ago and my mum was married legally to my father but unfortunately she and other members of MFM started MFM fellowship in our house which was very ridiculous and Rev. Josiah (my Dad) was devastated”.

“My mum later moved out of her matrimonial home but to everyone’s amazement Olukoya provided an apartment for her that was 23 years ago”.

My Dad, Late, Rev. Soyinka wrote Olukoya and in the content of his letter, he asked why he “Olukoya” got an apartment for his wife? Even if he and his wife were having a misunderstanding and you as a General Overseer is to settle the matter.

Olukoya’s reply was a big blow to Late Rev. Soyinka, Olukoya replied to him and said if you want your wife back you have to resign from Apostolic Church and become a pastor in my church.

Modele said it was in that mess that her father died after her mum moved out of the house for two and a half years. She was alone with her father before he died untimely, Modele was just 19years old then.

The only property her father left for them is a building and Olukoya took over this property and put MFM members there and they the rightful owner were homeless.

She wrote Olukoya several times what he keeps saying is that if they refuse to come to MFM that their lives will have no meaning.


Is Olukoya the Messiah?

She said her sister is sleeping in a dormitory
in Jankara, Lagos state Nigeria while her brother is living in one village in Delta state Nigeria.

Modele Soyinka called on GIO TV CEO Maureen Badejo to use her platform to help her and her siblings.

She said she is tired of all this nonsense and wants her father’s property back because since the death of her father they have been chased out of their house and they have nowhere to go to for help.

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